“I lost 13lbs in the first week! Two and a half months later I had lost 50 pounds. Your energy levels sky rocket. But the best news ever was at my 6 month diabetic check-up today. My sugar levels were normal.”
– Deborah H

“I’m feeling amazing. No more lupus aches and pains or symptoms. I even canceled my specialist appointment as there is nothing to report.”
– Melanie F

“I feel amazing. My memory, my energy, my skin, my happiness. I can’t get over how much it’s changed. I don’t obsess about food anymore, no more sugar cravings, and have a much smaller, more appropriate appetite. I used to get brain fog and think it’s normal. Now it’s gone.”
– Laura W

“Three weeks in. 11lbs lighter. But here is the best bit. This is the best I have felt in a couple of years. I am losing body fat, sleeping better, no gut issues, feeling energised”
– Rannoch D

I am thrilled to report a loss of 12lbs. My sweet tooth has all but disappeared and I am seldom hungry.”
– Lisa B

“I’m down almost three stone now, and just feel much better in myself. Those afternoon lulls that were the detriment of me are gone, and I sleep much better and deeper. Even a persistent ankle skin rash has now totally disappeared.”

– Ruby C

An amazing 9lb weight loss in 5 days! This is simply the most effective diet I have tried”
– Graham S

“My eyesight got better, I now sleep better too! After about 3 weeks I had lost nearly a stone, and all this without exercise! If you’ve tried “everything else” diet wise try this.”
– Ron K

“I feel amazingly healthy and full of energy. I look leaner than I have ever been but can lift more than ever in the gym.”
– Mel R

“I have lost (and maintained) a total of 9lb…however, by far the greatest difference I have seen has been in my skin, suffering from acne for the last five or so years I have been very self-conscious but in such a short amount of time my skin has improved so much and has never looked better!”
– Sara D

“My husband joined me on the Sirt diet and we both lost 6.5 lbs. We both felt energised, I slept better than I had done in months, had no indigestion or hot sweats during the night. Fabulous!”
– Sandra S

“I really did lose 7 lbs in 7 days. The result of making these healthy changes to my diet? Much improved sleeping pattern, clearer complexion, better hair condition, feel calmer, yet more energy”
– Harriet B

“Eating for life that works.”
– Sharon Y

“Lost the weight, maintained the weight loss and the recipes are AMAZING!!!”
– Barry M

“22 lbs off in eight weeks. Energy and fitness improving daily.”
– Raymond T

“It might just be a lifesaver.”
– David C